Sunday, April 19, 2015

Andreas Cahling - Kung Fury

The time when action heroes ruled supreme on the screens can without doubt be said to belong to the 80’s. It was an era when the ultimate hero was characterized by physique and muscles. With some of the biggest names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone laying the foundation to what we today refer to as an iconic action hero. But to David Sandberg these names was more than just an action hero, they represented the core of what the 80’s was all about. Andreas Cahling is the actor who plays Thor the Viking God in Kung Fury. David Sandberg (the creator of Kung Fury) wrote to Andreas with the surrounding rumours that Andreas would not be interested but he said yes and the next week he flew over to Sweden and became Thor aka The Viking God. - Well he wrote to me and I intuitively felt that this was something for me. So I said yes, flew to Umeå and filmed the green screens there with them. When we started to shoot I instantly said to David that this will become a cult classic and with the massive attention it got from the trailer I know I am right, says Andreas This meant that in order for the Kung Fury to be complete in it’s tribute to the 80’s some sort symbolization of the ultimate action hero was needed. David started to look for someone that was not just a body builder but also had a story that fitted the project. Although it was easier said than done he eventually stumbled upon Andreas Cahling, a Swedish 62 year old body builder who lives in California. Andreas Cahling at the age of 62 trains everyday with free weights and manages his site where he sells special designed body building underwear. On top of that he hits the sauna with a special drink of 2-3 liters of water which contains bicarbonate, organic apple cider and fresh lemon slices to keep the inside of his body in shape. In Sweden, he hasn't only become famous for being a Kung Fury actor, but also because he is the only Swede who has won one the most prestige body building contest of all time, Mr. International. He was born in a small town called Uddevalla. Andreas started at the age of 12 with wrestling where lifting weights was a natural part of getting stronger. Some years after he entered his first body building contest in Sweden, Mr. Sweden where he came at third place. After gaining interest and understanding his talent in the sport he went to California, the place to be for all body builders in the world, to start competing for the big titles. Andreas directly started to win competitions and just a few years after his arrival in the U.S he won the prestigious competition Mr. International. Andreas Cahling's photo.