Friday, September 17, 2010

Andreas Cahling Striking Out: - No Stroke Struck Me!!!!

Andreas Cahling at 57 - No stroke.

Andreas Cahling at 57 - No stroke.

I read on the internet that I had a stroke in the past. This is false. I never had a stroke.

I did have a very unusual tumor removed from a facial nerve about 10 years ago. It grew real close to my brain so I opted for surgical removal. This is one reason why my face looks as it does today. I have never suffered physically before or after the surgery.

For many years I was misdiagnosed as having a facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy)

Very grateful and happy just to be alive and feeling great. Facing my face does not face me!

-Andreas Cahling


Kristin Georges said...

Bra att du berättade sanningen, man har hört många olika teorier.
Lycka till med tävlingen också! Jag följer din resa på Facebook :)
//Kristin Georges

Kristin Georges said...

Vet inte om mitt inlägg försvann, men skrev att jag gillar att du skriver om det som hänt. Man har hört många olika teorier, tyvärr.
Jag önskar dig lycka till i tävlingen :) Jag följer dig på Facebook!
//Kristin Georges

BlackIrishedger said...

I share a birthday with Andreas - and have followed his career since the late 1970s, an outstanding example to follow - you look great buddy!

kelly snyder said...

He has been body building before most of u were born. No 'roids for Andres. He is a product of hard work, dedication and just simple dieting and will power. Seeings how more than half the population of america is overweight or obese I can see why there are so many "haters" out there. get out from behind your computer and put down the mcdonalds and maybe this guy and his physique wouldn't be so hard to believe

BC said...

Youre looking great buddy

Raul said...

Just happy you survived that and whatever if part of the mouth is facing down, has no matter.
Cousing of mine had kind of the same cancer last year and also, survived fortunately.
Your passion for healthy fitness is an inspiration for all ages.
Best wishes.

Appy said...

You are shredded and look freaky ripped

Chaos5tarOne said...

You're a legend!